Thursday, 20 May 2010

Set Design

I have recently tried my hand at set design- and really enjoyed it.
The piece I designed for is called 'Red Dreams' and was written by Kerry Culling, a Performing Arts student.
Here are my first drawings, sections and plans, followed by pictures from the mock-up set.
I will upload photos from the actual performance night as soon as I get a hold of them!

The play described the parallel life of two couples. The forst scenes were very domestic and ordinary looking. Furniture and props needed to be muted and not stand out too much.

This was the first go I had at actually trying on the props and materials for the play.
It had to be very low budget, so I chose raw paper for wrapping the furniture and doilies for the flooring.

The final version of the poster I have manipulated in Photoshop for the play.
I wrote the actors names- first year Performing Arts students- at the bottom of the poster in contrasting colours.

The 1:50 scale floor plan of the Theatre room.

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