Thursday, 25 November 2010

Model making

My latest project is quite a creative and imaginative one. I had to think of a hypothetical location for a hat store, as well as a branding and marketing strategy. The layout of the space was assigned by our tutor, but we did have to measure up the actual space -a retail store from a local mall-by ourselves.

The pine trees give a hint to the location I chose for my hats. I chose to retail faux fur hats, which will be branded as 'fantasy furs'. The location I chose for this store is St Moritz, glam capital of the Alps, the only place where wearing natural fur is applauded rather that frowned upon.

The swirly forest-like shapes describe a structure that will hold bird cages in which the fake fur hats will be displayed .

I originally thought about about having an elevated area where the till would go, hence the staircase, but after making the model I realized there might not be enough height for that, and it might end up looking like an attic.

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