Sunday, 20 March 2011

Brit Insurance Designs of the Year

Definitely one of my all-time favourite museums is the Design Museum in London. I hardly ever miss any of the exhibitions that are on display here and I wish they had a different one each week.
This particular exhibition celebrates the best architecture, fashion, furniture, graphics, interactive, product and transport designs from 2011.

Naim Josefi's Melonia Shoe. The shoes are custom-made to fit perfectly after the client's feet are scanned.

One of my favourite designs: Wall piercing by FLOS.

Would love to own this dress. I would obviously never wear it and display it in the lounge instead of art- better than art, actually.
Small-scale model of the stunning UK Pavilion in Shanghai, designed by Thomas Heatherwick.

The energy-saving organic shaped Plumen lightbulb- designed by Samuel Wilkinson- was the overall winner of the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011.

A lovely architecture proposal : the Open Air Library, which 'operates a trusting open shelves policy where residents are free to borrow books 24 hours a day'. (
Yet another example of outstanding design from Denmark: the diamond coffin series. I'm afraid my out-of-focused badly-framed shot doesn't do it justice.
'The diamant coffin series takes design cues from diamonds, a symbol of perpetuity. the coffin features sharp edges, much like a diamond with the highest point aligned with the heart line. ' (source: designBoom)

I know I've seen the exact same plastic mannequins in Topshop, Oxford Circus, because I thought their head resembles Brancusi's Danaide sculpture- which was incidentally on display at the Tate Modern as a part of the Van Doesburg and the Internatonal Avant-garde exhibition last year.
This falls into the 'I-want-it-for-my-dream-house' cathegory.

The beautiful Amplify chandeliers for Swarovski.

To be honest I prefer Patricia Urquiola's porcelains- also exhibited at the Design museum about two years ago.

This is the model of a big-scale scotch-tape installation.

I knew I've seen all the exhibits before and when I saw this issue of Wallpaper on display, I remembered all of the projects were printed in last month's issue .
A classic!

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