Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Here are some shots I took while I was back in Bucharest, the capital of my home- country, Romania.
What interested me as a subject matter were old, derelict bourgeois buildings.

I have always been fascinated with caryatids. For me, these classical sculptural structures symbolize the burden that men had to carry on their shoulders in order to bring this building to life: from workers to architects and engineers- all celebrated through the sculptural figure of a woman.This shot catches one of the definitive characteristics of modern Romania: the contrast between very old and new. In Western countries it is fashionable to hide the 'technological bits' from a classical, old-fashioned house or environment: not around here though.
However, I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing. If you think about it, it's what Post-modernism is all about!
This is a beautiful example of an interwar mansion that has sadly fallen into decay. Like most of these houses, it is available for sale though!
A shot that shows the contrast between communist and classical architecture. The bas-relief on the right is probably the portrait of the first owner of the house.
I like this shot because it has something that reminds me of El Lissitzky's Pround Room, a great example of the Suprematism movement that took place in Russia, initiated by another one of my favourite artists, Kasimir Malevich.

A beautiful old hospital, that is now used as a block of apartments. I really appreciate the fact that they kept the original facade.

I am quite the fan of the texturized, worn-down look on old buildings. I believe they make a suitable backdrop for modern civilization: beautiful through its imperfections.


  1. Hi, this I like alot!! So much like all the old wonderful buildings in Riga, Latvia, were I spend alot of time. (I am Swedish though) Annika

  2. Hello Annika and thank you for your comment! I'm glad my post reminded you of home. Hope you are enjoying your holiday!


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