Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Photography: LDN Fashion Week'10

I took these backstage snaps at a fashion show during London Fashion Week last year. I really like the contrast between the polished models and hair/makeup team and the scruffy, artsy backstage studio.

Every catwalk needs a ridiculously high-heel!
This is one of my favourite shots: I like her fragile posture and the fact that she found the time to calmly read a book in the middle of the chaos that was going on backstage.

I LOVE candid shots, and it's always really difficult to catch genuine emotions that look good on film. This is again a favourite shot, although the awesome head-piece might have played a role in it.

Me- on the left- being shadowed by a very photogenic friend!
I like taking extreme-close-ups. It's such an easy way to 'zoom into' a character.
I blame Alfred Hitchcock.

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