Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Work Experience: TOPSHOP!

I have been doing work experience at Topshop Design for the past three months now and I REALLY love it.
I kept meaning to post something about my work here, but there never seems to be any time to take some snaps.
I managed to put a tiny bit together so here it is:

This is a Russian-doll cushion prototype I drew and coloured.

Original drawing:

I hand made these tassels from papier mache for a duvet print.
A design for an apron I've been working on, it's still work in progress and needs to be changed quite a bit. Love the colours though!
Original drawings:

and updated versions...

These are some funny painted wooden sculpture sketches for the A/W home-ware line. Tried out different colour schemes. I have a series of vases and pots coming up as well!

The fabric cup-board. Heaven for a fabric-freak like me!

I really enjoyed doing everything and will certainly be posting more about my projects.

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