Sunday, 10 April 2011

Design project: crematorium/ fertility clinic

The final project design proposal explores the ritual of grief in two different user groups. The building houses a fertility clinic -specialized in pre and post-natal care for women over 40- and a crematorium/ funeral directors for HIV patients, focusing on custom-designed, prepaid funeral arrangements.

a little storyboard

atrium perspective

The proposal aims to provide a pressure- relieving space for both of these user groups, with an overlap in the central area of the building- used as a Garden of Remembrance and a nursery/ playground.
The urns are hidden in opaque, stained-glass container boxes, enabling them to light up when a slot is in use- a metaphor for the soul. Hidden away in the structure of the building, these little resting places are virtually undetectable, forming a beautiful light installation rather than a conventional ash repository.
detail of organic greenhouse

When the mourners return to this space to remember their loved-ones, they are surrounded by happy mothers blissfully nursing their new-born babies.

mourner's room

diagram of the overall space

my mood board for this project

some samples and finishes


  1. Your a truly born artist.. your post is so great... I love your drawings...

  2. thank you, that is very flattering!
    Especially coming from a fertility clinic review site!
    This was by far my favourite design project. Would very much like to do something similar again!

  3. By the way, I would like to do a header for your fertility clinic review website, completely free of charge of course! This would go great on my portfolio with my research on fertility clinics...
    would you like to email me at and let me know if you'd like a little webiste makeover?


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