Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Design project: my workspace

I would love to call this post 'Artist's studio' but I'm afraid the tiny flat I'm renting while being a student couldn't qualify as a studio, even by most indulgent standards.

Nevertheless, here are some shots of my work space:
If you are familiar with my blog, you will probably know that I am interning for fab British designer, Kathy Dalwood. Here are a couple of her beautiful concrete figurines. I am so happy she gave me these, they just make my day nicer.

I stuck most of my cards on the wall, along with a couple of drawings and sketches.
You will probably notice some Piet Monrian post-cards and other favourites, courtesy of good old Tate Modern Gift-shop.
The bronze cat is a gift from my boyfriend's aunt. I got quite attached to it, especially because I love the look of aged bronze.
In my world, fairy lights are a must. I got these from John Lewis. They make my day nicer too.

Another set of Kathy's figurines along with some little objects I bought from charity shops.
See more of Kathy's exciting projects on her studio blog!

Random duck stapler- which obviously doesn't work anymore. It makes an ok-ish paper weight though.

These are some keepsakes I got from my work experience at Topshop Design. They were made by Concetta Gallo, one of the sweetest and kindest designers (and persons) I ever met!
Although this is a more accurate representation of my bed.

I'm lucky to be surrounded by such talented artists. Here is a drawing made by one of my favourite illustrators - and very good friend, Alice. Recently, she started a printed clothing line.


  1. I love your room Adelina! It just shows that with a good eye you can make even a small space delectable. It's nice seeing my figurines in a new environment --they look happy!

  2. Your place looks like a great Studio!!!
    I thought you were back in Romania.. if you are staying in England perhaps you would you think about a photo shoot at Priory House.. wonder if Kathy would let you photograph some of her work here with our sculpture, dresses and crazy house..

  3. foarte dragutz..imi place :)

  4. That sounds great! Do you have a link where I can see some interior shots of the house? Thank you very much for the kind comments.

  5. Here is a link to photos on flickr


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