Friday, 15 July 2011

London Graphics

While on my little trips to London I took some snaps that bring out typical London graphics and 'trademark' images.  Royal blues and reds, underground and street signage (which I adore), pubs and scarlet geraniums. Enjoy!


  1. I do enjoy your photos!! I love taking pictures of old buildings, doors and windows on my travels. Annika

  2. NO ENTRY is my favourite!! The colours are great and the photos all have that Lomo quality which I love, street graphics are such fun especially when you go abroad.
    There was a photo shoot at our place this week for an Asian wedding magazine, the house is completly upside down but the photos are going to be amazing so look forward to showing you some.

  3. Thank you for your comments!

    Annika, I love taking detail shots of windows and doors as well, especially when they have a specific flavour, much better than taking pictures of the 'usual landmarks'!

    Roger, I really look forward to seeing the pictures! I think your place is a perfect location for exotic events like that so I'm sure it turned out perfect!


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