Monday, 4 July 2011

Styling: Kathy's amazing house

If I hadn't met Kathy, I probably wouldn't have known how much I enjoy styling and the adjacent photography.
So this post is also my way of saying 'Thanks' to her endless encouraging and for letting me use her amazing house as the set for this styling exercise- which incidentally is indeed like a big set filled with all kinds of props- everything from vintage tapestry to modern painting and aviation themed items to bronze sculptures.

Her house will also feature in a forthcoming issue of Living Etc so keep an eye on it if you are a fan of modern romantic interiors! It also featured in the 'Romantic Style' design book and you can find the link to that at the end of my post.
I love the soft pastels in this shot 'energized' by the orange striped lamp.
Dark-coloured walls are a beautiful backdrop for light coloured sculptures or other decorative elements.

I like the contrast between the vintage and the modern painting expressed not only through colour, but also through size and subject matter.

Love the stripey wallpaper that always reminds me of Paul Smith next to the muted grays and lavender.

I found this empty wine box and put a cushion on top of it, thought it looks interesting as a sort of seating solution. I really liked the rough texture of the wood and the font.
As it turned out, it photographs really good as well!

The side of the painting in this composition looks as interesting as the painting- which from this angle is completely muted by reflecting light, making my point even clearer!


Chandeliers are a must for every romantic interior.

The pops of colour are a delicious bonus, though!

This is probably my favourite shot. I love the bright orange lamp, the turquoise wall and the little plane models, all next to a piano!

To frame or not to frame!

Another one of my favourite compositions.  



I like the way the shelf 'divides' this picture in half, as if it was done in Photoshop. I'm also drawn by the little piece of marble and the visual and psychological impact it has on the shot.

If you liked what you saw, take a further look at Kathy's house featured in the 'Romantic Style' design book posted on her Studio Blog.


  1. How exciting finding your photos of Kathy's House, I have spotted lots of new details and the quality of your photography is something else. What a nice way to say Thank You!!!

  2. Thank you for your comment! I did try to cover some new angles and make it look a bit different. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. With lots of prompting from Kathy I have have just sent out the first Roger Lee Sculptors Blog.. do tell me what you think...


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