Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Highgate Cemetery

I apologize if this post is slightly lugubrious- I did try to keep it focused on artistic details- but it is what it is : a series of tomb shots I took in a cemetery while researching 'mourning designs' for a school project.
It was freezing cold outside, but I did take some shots I rather liked that capture the beauty of the stonework down in Highgate.
This is a reproduction of an Ana Mahler's statue. For some reason I find it really moving and delicate.

Sun was going in and out of the clouds so I managed to take some really atmospheric shots- no photoshop either!

I'm not completely sure what this is but I thought the chimneys (if that's what they are) looked really cool!


  1. it looks so goth and magical!<3<3<3

  2. it is, very quiet and serene. Not dreary at all! xxx


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