Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Kathy's Studio

These shots were taken a while back on one of my visits to Kathy Dalwood's house. If you are familiar with my blog, you are probably familiar with the posts I've previously done on Kathy's amazing house and her equally whimsical garden. This post shows her workspace/ studio. Yet another wonderful space to draw creative inspiration from.
The dice is one of her sculptures,and it marks the main entrance. I always had a thing for it, the angle it is set on makes it look like a whole new geometric shape.
Kathy's famous Plaster Busts collection.
This probably is my favourite shot. Not only do I love (and miss) Marmite, but I love the tidy rhythm  of the scalpoles and scissors and the way they take sculptural qualities on the window sill.
I love the way everyday objects look interesting as soon as you group all of them together. There's something about the repetitive quality of the composition that lends the set a modern, urban feel. 
Fore some reason this shot remind me of stackable chairs, which are a sort of landmark of modern design, aren't they?
Mould casts on top of each other- another repetitive shot. I really seem to like those.
Some of  Kathy's partner, Justin Mortimer's stunning paintings.
I found this post on Kathy's blog which shows her studio in November 2009. I think it's interesting to see the same space in different times/ lights and through different eyes, so take a look and try to 'spot the differences'.


  1. Wow! How weird to see my studio on someone else's blog! I've photographed it so much myself it's strange to see it through someone else's camera lense - plus of course on my blog I've featured other artists' studios so brilliant to have mine on yours Adelina! Love the photos ! Justin says they have a surreal sense of distance and really likes the unpretentiousness. Well done you!

  2. It's a pleasure to shoot such interesting places, am really glad you like it!
    They were spontaneous shots and didn't plan them much, but must say I am happy with the outcome and I'm happy you both like them.
    Thank you!

  3. Love these photos and they reminded me I bought a Lomo LCA from Russia and never used it, it is like each frame is in a preserving bottle in some mysterious collection. They are special too as Kathy and Justin came for a weekend at Priory House last month and I just wonder what they made of our place, their London house gets increasingly intrigue'in the more photos I see of it.

  4. thank you, Roger, I'm glad you like them. The filters I used are probably inspired from Lomo cameras such as yours, so you should use the original version!
    Can't wait to see Kathy's post on Priory House, I had a sneak Peak and it looks amazing!


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