Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My New Flat- work in progress

I will soon move in my very first personal home, and this is a sneak peak of how it will look like.
It's still work in progress, have a gazillion paintings and drawings to hang up+ buy some other small pieces of furniture.

 My dear friend and illustrator Alice whose work you will see pinned up all over my walls soon!
I chose white furniture and a dark grey accent wall to make everything stand out. These cube bookcases have to be hung on the wall as well, although on the floor they can be used as nightstands, side table or even as an easy seating solution. Very happy with them!
Will upload more material as soon as I finish decorating everything- a cooky fern green dressing is next!


  1. beauuutfiul! asta tot trebaluiai pe acolo in jurul meu?! :D

  2. da! you make a pretty model for my interior <3


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