Thursday, 28 March 2013

design inspiration for a cosy home

Here are some design ideas I found useful lately for decorating and maybe re-arranging furniture around the house.
From figuring out a color scheme you like to choosing your finishes, here's some help remodelling your space!

Here's something designers and architects don't usually agree on, but -in most cases- I like using perfect symmetry for home-design.
The reason for this is our more and more hectic lives: I find soothing when I come home and find a perfectly organized, symmetric and functional environment.

I also like buying things in pairs: 2 coffee chairs, 2 identical bookcases, etc. It just makes things a lot more simple and easy to navigate through.

Here's a slightly more modern approach to the same space. A reading chair and ottoman lends a casual, relaxed feeling to the space. A tall floor lamp always looks elegant. The colour scheme is my new design crush: everything from sky blue, teal to lime looks so fresh for this spring!


  1. Me likey Propunere amenajare 2 :x

  2. You can make your house as beautiful as the first picture, whether you have a brand new home or even if you've been living there for ages. Creativity and imagination is all you need. Don't be afraid to experiment with what you have. Add character and charm to your home by mixing and matching your furniture.

    Alayna Swan@ Amazing Space NYC


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