Monday, 18 March 2013

Restyled/reworked living space

Here are some shots of my studio flat taken and edited by one of my many talented friends, Simona, on a Saturday afternoon. 
The space has been slightly restyled, leaving the small messy bits untouched for a dab of natural environment exposure. 



  1. I really like these designed very much. You are really exhibit yours home design effectively. The picture you post here is too good. It shows your ideas. So, thank you, so much for this sharing.
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    1. Thank you for your kind comment, rainysmith957! I am glad you found my work useful, and you are very wellcome.

  2. Love the work you have done. Keep up the good work! I might come to you to design my home as well :p

  3. Design professionals need to constantly innovate and strive for perfection. Innovation or perfectionism isn’t enough for a good design. It requires a burst of creativity and an appreciation for what is considered aesthetic. I believe your design has a good sense of aesthetics. Simply Loved it!!


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